When you’re really excited about a cosplay but then you find someone who wears it better

Everyone who reblogs this before August 1 will have their URL written in a birthday card I’m sending to Richard Armitage.


No matter how many notes this gets, I promise every single person who reblogs will be in that card. I want to show him how many Tumblr fans he has and how much we appreciate him.

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Finished my Bilbo cosplay. It will debut at Anime Central (Acen) 2014.



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I love making cosplays but I don’t have/can’t work a sewing machine so I do it all by hand. I’m beginning to hate Bilbo’s jackets.

At least it makes wearing it a little more satisfying even if they do end up sucking <_<

I’ll have pictures up soon if they’e not utterly horrible.

My Bilbo cosplay thus far. I’ve got to fix the wig a little bit more and still have to jackets, Sting, and the Arkenstone to make, but I’m semi-pleased thus far. (Yes, I’m flipping you off; did I mention I’m going to be in character as Martin more than Bilbo?)

Reblog if it is 104% okay to come to your ask and just say ‘Hi can we be friends and then start asking you random questions.

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here to sing Lettuce Ghost, Idel Dazine 

At least someone said it.

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Little Han Solo and Chewie…

Can we talk about how adorable this is?


Little Han Solo and Chewie…

Can we talk about how adorable this is?